Gill Hall: About

Gill Hall has worked in the creative arts industry for over 30 years. She has experience in the fields of interiors, fashion, textiles and design for stage and screen. For the last decade Gill has focused on her career as an artist.

As an artist Gill has studied Classical Italian drawing and painting techniques. She has focused and refined her skills through the subjects of Still Lifes and Landscapes. Previously Gill was a member of the Clare Street Art Studio where she accepted commissions and organised open studio exhibitions where she successfully sold numerous pieces.

Gill works primarily in oils on canvas and gesso board, but also produces sketches in charchol and chalks. Her heroes of the genre are Chardin and Meléndez, and she is always searching for ways to bring in light - always more light. Currently Gill is working on a series of still lives in the classical style titled Recipes.